The Famine is Over PDF Print E-mail


The famine is over.

The famine of hearing the Word of the Lord is over.

Shhhh! (in a whisper) listen! Do you hear me?

Shhh (in a whisper) listen! Am I not speaking to you right now?

Do you not hear my voice at this very moment?

Shhh! Listen!


Do you not hear the call?

In fact, the call rings out loud and clear.

If you do not hear the call and you do not heed the call now, what makes you think that you will hear the call or heed the call when it is time to come home?

Hear it? ( whisper ) Listen!

The time for planning is over. The time for doing has come.

How beautiful are the fields filled with amber waves of grain. When the wind blows over the ripened grain it is a beautiful sight. But now the harvest has come when the fields of grain will be mowed down. The fields will no longer look beautiful. It is time for harvest. It is time to get ugly.

My sheep hear my voice.

My sheep!

The sheep that are mine, hear my voice.

Shhh! (whisper) Listen!

Do you hear my voice?

If you do not hear my voice it is because you, are not listening.

I am speaking to my children.

shhh! listen! wait!?!? Hear it?

My sheep hear my voice.

The famine is over.

I am speaking to my people.

If you do not hear my voice, what makes you so sure that you are really my sheep?